Cavitation peeling, sonophoresis, BIOSONIC BS 300 MINI


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- peeling - cleansing
- sonophoresis – transdermal preparations delivery by means of ultrasounds
- wrinkle smoothing, micro-massage, lifting

Intended application:

- skin cleansing
- removing of dead epidermis
- acne
- mature skin with no elasticity
- dehydrated, tired skin
- general improvement of skin aesthetic


Power supply 230 V; 50 Hz
Consumed power Dimensions 163L x 50W mm
Ultrasound frequency 21-23MHz
Max. ultrasound intensity 0,5W/cm2

Cavitation peeling – the treatment results in efficient dead epidermis peeling and uncovering of younger dermis layer free from dead cells, excess of sebum, bacteria, toxic substances and residues of cosmetics. Skin prepared in such a way is ready for better absorption of preparations. As a result of clearing (peeling) the skin is visibly smoothened and soft with opened pores and hair follicles, disinfected (bacteria and microorganisms are destroyed). Skin may become slightly red, this will disappear after few minutes or few hours (in case of very sensitive skin).

Cavitation peeling – to be performed as in the drawing aside (with outbound movement and never inbound movement). During treatment skin must be moistened with plenty of liquid (water, physiological saline, suitable tonic, the Biomak cavitation micellar liquid). The lower amount of liquid the cavitation will be smaller. The cavitation effect (spraying of water, liquid) is smaller in less impure or already well cleansed spots, more intensive at the beginning of treatment and at impure, excessively dry spots. If there is too little liquid – the cavitation is very small and little visible. If the skin is already well cleansed the cavitation may be smaller – less visible.

Sonophoresis – delivery, treatment duration ca. 5 minutes. The treatment is carried out with wider side of the head as shown in the picture. Apply suitable preparation on the treated skin (gel for ultrasounds or preparation for ultrasounds). Move the appliance head in streaks on ca. 5 cm passage or small overlapping circles, lift the head. Move to another part of skin, lift again etc.

Sonophoresis + micro-massage (lifting- wrinkle smoothening) – it is a function to be switched on in order to enhance lifting. Micro-massage is turned on by PULSE switch, there are three operation modes available: continuous operation (sonophoresis) and two modes of pulse operation (micro-massage) – faster and slower one – choose the one more suitable for you. Do not apply the micro-massage (pulsing operation) on skin under 25 years of age as it is unnecessary skin stimulation for this age. Stopping the head in one spot may cause the skin burnt.

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