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Epilator Biomak EP 200 is a device used for removing unnecessary hair and closing blood vessels by high frequency current and by direct current (galvanic).
pplied method causes that a treatment is aseptic and almost painless, and during the closing of vessels there is no bleeding.

Guarantee: 2 years

Technical data:

supply 230V,50Hz
power input 30W
frequency of work 13,5MHz
dimensions 270x200x68mm


1. pedal
2. grip for needle
3. needles UNI-PROBE 3 pcs.
4. band on the hand


1. Put a plug into an earthed socket 230V, 50Hz .
2. Plug of a pedal put into a socket in the rear of a device.
3. A plug of band�s cable put into socket BAND, and a band put on the hand covered with a gel or put a swab under a band (under a metal part of band).
4. Grip for needle ended with a cable and a plug put into a socket OUTPUT.
5. Screw a needle into a grip in a clockwise direction.
6. Remove a plastic cover from a needle before a treatment.


This device EP200 enables to do three types of treatment:

ELECTROLYSIS it is a treatment performer by negative direct current, generating chemical basic reaction which destroys a tissue of hair bulb. However, time of removing the hair is long and depends on its thickness. The screen displays a message [ EL cien -0,95 ] informing that it is chosen thin hair and a galvanic current -0.95mA (in the range to 2mA)

THERMOLYSIS is a treatment which removes a hair, done by high frequency current 13,5MHz and voltage to 100Vpp. Flow of this current creates thermo-coagulation effect in the hair bulb which destroys it � coagulation.
Hair can be removed by using high current (80-100% of power) and short time or lower current and longer time. It depends on the thickness of a hair. Time of current flow is determined by microprocessor inside a device. This type of treatment is ideal to closing blood vessels, where a flow of high frequency current through the vessels coagulate (makes blood curdle). At closing the blood vessels , thickness of hair is the same as a thickness of a vessel. The screen displays a message [ TE cien 85 ] which informs that it was chosen thin hair and the high frequency current was set to 85% (in the range of 100%)

BLEND is a method which combines above-mentioned types of treatments, causing that the process of removing hair is less painful, but it last a little longer. A galvanic and a high frequency current is used during a treatment by this BLEND method. Time of flow of this two types of current is control by a processor. A message on the screen [ BL cien 85 -0,95 ] informs that it was chosen thin hair and high frequency current of 85%, and a galvanic current -0,95mA.

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