Ultrafit Processor - cavitation peels, liposuction (1 electr.)


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Biomak Ultrafit Processor apparatus for skin rejuvenation and cosmetic injection drugs in the deeper layers of the skin using ultrasound.
Ultrasonic waves are very well help in the fight against excess weight and help you replace surgical liposuction.

The use of the head (the electrode):

1. Use one side of a spatula to peel on the face and neck
2. The other side of a spatula to stimulate the skin cells and moisturizing
3. Sonophoresis - for introducing Cosmet. glbokie drugs into the skin
4. A non-surgical liposuction is used to break down fatty deposits (cellulite) with the head diameter. 6 cm

Equipment unit (ultrasonic liposuction)

- Ultrasonic head "Biomak" body diameter of 6 cm - fast fat-loss effect, it is recommended to use this head for fat people.

Cavitation peeling:

- Ultrasonic head "Biomak" flat


This procedure leads to the effective exfoliation of the epidermis and the discovery of the young skin layer, free of dead skin cells, excess oil, bacteria and toxic substances as well as the remnants of cosmetics. Thus prepared skin is ready for the better absorption of drugs. The result of treatment (peeling) is noticeably smoothed and soft to the touch skin, open pores and hair follicles, disinfected (bacteria and microorganisms broken). The skin may turn red after a few minutes redness disappears.

Effect of ultrasonic waves:

Micro mechanical change in the tissues - thermal and biological pressures of heat in the tissue leads to increased permeability of the skin, increase blood circulation, the destruction of fat.

improves local metabolism in the epidermis and dermis, increases the permeability of cell membranes, improves the absorption of fluid and cell division.


230 V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 24 W
Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 65 mm
The natural frequency of the head 21 kHz and 36kHz
The modulation frequency of 1-10 Hz vibration head (pulse)
Max. ultrasound intensity 0.5 W/cm2
Max. Ultrasonic power 5W

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